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Pop Culture & Specialty Pet Tag Collection

Spending time with your dog means constant entertainment, absolute love, and sincere compassion. Simply put, life is better with a dog. Most dog lovers know that if their dogs run away or go missing, it could spell danger. So, the first essential thing to do is find your pet and bring them home safely as soon as possible. And this brings us to a critical subject – pet ID tags.


Ensuring that your dog is always in a unique pet ID tag is crucial for easy identification. At Bad Tags, we offer a creative collection of pop culture & specialty pet tags to make your lovely dog look unique and easily identifiable.

Why Shop Our Tags?

  • Quality – At Bad Tags, we offer durable aluminum or enamel pet tags created with quality in mind. Whether you stick to our original custom tags or opt for different pieces, these tags will be perfect for your dog.
  • Funny tags – Forget about the generic, boring tags available in every big box store. Bad Tags are not only cute, but most of these choices are also hilarious. They are designed uniquely to help elevate your dog’s personality.
  • Lightweight – Our tags are lightweight and customized to suit every pet’s personality.
  • Safety – When your dog goes missing, there are many ways to bring them home safely. Placing a microchip and posting flyers are excellent ways to help find a lost dog. However, a pet ID tag outperforms all these other methods. This is true because a tag displays your contact information at sight to anyone who spots your dog wandering.

Buy Top-quality Pet ID Tags from Bad Tags

If you’re looking for quality and attractive pet ID tags, shop at Bad Tags today. We offer excellent pet ID tag collections, including our pop-culture pet tag collection. Browse our website now to learn more about our customized pet tags.