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Your questions or concerns are very important to us! We answer all emails during normal business hours Monday-Friday (8am-3pm MST) as quickly as possible. We also like to take the weekends off like normal humans, so weekend emails might not be answered until Monday. Don't panic!

Please keep in mind we are a small 3-person company and we do not have a customer service department or a third party answering emails. Resist the urge to send an email, FB message, IG DM, and order message at the same time. Those notifications ding in all at once and it freaks us out. One email will do, please!

If you filled out the form didn't receive a reply back within 48 hours it means there was a glitch in the matrix and the form wasn't received or there was a typo and we couldn't write you back.

If you feel like this happened, please bark at us directly at: