Tag Warranty

We want you to adore your new tags as much as we do. If they don't make you do a happy dance, no biggie—we'll make things right. For a refund, just slide those tags back to us within 30 days. You cover the shipping, we'll handle the rest. Please email to start the process.

Durability - Tag Care 101:

Our durable enamel pet tags are like superheroes—chew resistant and ready for your pup's wildest escapades on land or in water. Just wipe 'em clean and carry on.

Our gold tags are a bit finicky in saltwater (might rust if it's too much of a beach party). They can also tarnish over time, but that's just brass doing its thing.

Tag Warranty

We provide a one-time 3-month warranty that covers it all—chewing, scratching, melting, teleportation, alien abduction, etc. If anything happens in the first 90 days, we've got your back with a shiny new tag. Simply email us pics of the tag (or dog) in distress, your order number, and we'll take it from there.

Please Use Common Sense

We've been in the tag making biz for 10 years now. Providing your dog or cat with a durable fun tag is our main goal. However, wear and tear is bound to happen. 

Imagine wearing the same sock every single day—eventually, it'd show some love too. Some dogs will wear out their tags faster than others. It's part of life. Please keep that in mind when you plan on sending that email.