Introducing our Special Needs Dog Tag Collection, designed with extra love and humor for our furry friends with special needs! Whether they're blind, deaf, or just a tad anxious, these dog tags are here to add a smile to their day. Crafted with durable enamel metal, they're ensuring your pet stands out with every wag of their tail.

Let your special pup shine with a tag that celebrates their unique quirks and brings joy to all who meet them!

Rescue & Special Needs

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Rescue and Special Needs Dog Tags

Do you have a rescue or special needs dog? They're the true heart-stealers! Your bond with your special needs pup is something truly special. You've saved their tail and given them a furever home filled with love. Now, let's ensure their safety with a pet ID tag!


At Bad Tags, we're all about personalized pet tags that perfectly match your pet's unique personality – and yeah, we're not afraid to add a dash of sweary sassy vibes! Because let's be real, even if your pup has a disability they still got attitude, and their tag should too!

Why Pet Tags Are Important – Yes Even Fun Ones!

We all adore our animals, but let's be real, they're not just pets – they're our furry sons and daughters! And just like any other family member, the mere thought of losing them sends us into a tailspin. We know you're a responsible dog mom or dad, doing everything in your power to keep your fur baby safe. But hey, life's unpredictable, right?


That's where classic pet ID tags come in clutch. No need for fancy gadgets or WiFi – just good ol' reliable tags that anyone can read. And with Bad Tags rescue & special needs dog ID tags, you're not only ensuring your pup's safety but also adding some serious style points!

Why Shop our Collections?

You've giggled at our silly sayings and adorable designs, but what sets Bad Tags apart? We're all about quality – serving up the best durable dog tags that go the distance. Say goodbye to flimsy tags that fall apart – our enamel pet tags are built to last. Once you've got a Bad Tag on your pet, you'll be kicking yourself for not snagging one sooner!