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Rescue and Special Needs Dog Tags

All dogs are loveable in their own unique ways, but rescue and special needs dogs have a knack for burrowing themselves deep into your heart and never letting go! The bond you have with your rescue or special needs dog is truly special, both because you’ve saved their life and given them a loving home they were sorely in need of and because of the hard work you’ve put into the relationship to get them to trust you. So, celebrate this bond you two have with an ID tag that reflects it! Bad Tags has perfect rescue dog ID tags and special needs dog tags for every kind of special pup that’s made your life better.

Why Pet Tags Are Important – Yes Even Fun Ones!

We all love our pets, but if you’re anything like us, you love them so much that you consider them an important part of the family too. And as with everyone else in your family, losing them can be a traumatic experience. We know that good dog moms and dog dads like you do all you can to prevent this from happening, but there will always be those things you just can’t control, which may lead to this nightmare of a lost pet. Things like “smart” collars and microchipping do give us some peace of mind, but there’s still nothing better than the classic pet ID tag since they don’t require a WiFi or network connection and can be easily identified by anyone who finds them. With Bad Tags rescue dog ID tags and special needs dog tags, you’re also getting an added style bonus!

Why Shop our Collections?

You’ve seen all the cute sayings and fun graphics on our tags, but what else is it that makes Bad Tags different? Starting with quality, all our tags are UV resistant and waterproof, so they’ll never rust or fade. We also use high-quality recycled aluminum to be eco-friendly and offer a 1-time 90-day replacement warranty. We’re also proud to be a small business that provides respectful work and living wages to all our employees. You can rest assured that when you buy rescue dog ID tags and special needs dog tags from Bad Tags, you’re helping out real American families pay their bills rather than a CEO afford another vacation home.