Shipping & Returns

Here's the deets on getting your paws on those Bad Tags:

USA Shipping:

We're a small team near Denver, Colorado. We hustle to get your tags out within 3-5 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. Once they're on the road, USPS generally delivers in 2-5 business days. You'll get tracking in your inbox and customer account, so you can keep tabs.

International Shipping:

International orders take about 2-6 weeks for delivery. Tracking is not always accurate or up to date, so keep that in mind. Import duties and taxes are not part of the price—they're on the buyer's tab.

We will not ship orders as "gifts". We don't want to go to jail, so please don't ask. 

Lost Packages:

If you think your tag is lost in the mail, shoot us your order number to discuss solutions. We'll send a 1-time replacement if we feel the package is lost. Most of the time that means there has been no tracking activity for 2 weeks for US customers. International customers are handled on a case by case basis. 

If your order was scanned as delivered but you didn't receive it - we will ship a replacement order if 7 days have passed since the delivery scan and you still have not received the package.

Please also be a good customer and check with your neighbors, your housemates, and ask your post office if they're friendly like that. Lost package are rare and they generally can be found with some effort. 

Order Mistakes

We copy and paste exactly what you enter. However, we are humans and we can make honest mistakes.

If we made a mistake on your tag, trust me when I say we are so super embarrassed. We'll send you a replacement tag asap and over apologize like a typical millennial. 

If you made an error and fat fingered the wrong digit please send an email to receive a replacement tag. Also, people tend to get really pissy about this. Take a deep breath, everything will turn out okay - I gotchu.


We want your tags to be as awesome as your pup thinks they are. If they're not doing it for you, no sweat! Return them within 30 days for a full refund. Just shoot us your order number, and we'll guide you through the return.

The buyer will be responsible for their return shipping.