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Here at Bad Tags we believe your pet’s ID tag should be as unique as them.

Are they a hangry hippo?

Cute but psycho?

The reason why you can’t have nice things?

Clip a Bad Tag on their collar and let them tell it like it is! 

Why Bad Tags?

Discover why our customers keep coming back for more! Our custom tags are available in a rainbow of colors and you can add up to 5 lines of identification on the backside.

Made of solid metal with no stickers or vinyl lettering our tags are durable and meant to last!

Where are these made?

Each tag is custom made to order in-house. Our tag blanks are also proudly made in the USA!

Orders ship out of our small work studio located in Longmont, Colorado. 

How fast do you ship?

While we can't compete with Amazon, we try our best to ship tags asap. Please allow 3-5 days and some extra time during the busy holiday season. 

Are tags double sided? 

Yes! Bad Tags are pet ID tags! 

You can add up to 5 lines, about 15 characters per line to the backside. This can include a pet's name, owner names, phone numbers, addresses, etc. 

Once we did 12 lines on a tag, but to be honest it was super stressful. But if you're that person that needs every family member's phone number on the tag, we can make it happen.

How durable are your tags?

  Our pet tags are designed for every day use. Hey we're dog parents and our pets wear them too! 

 We also like to use common sense around here. And common sense tells us with any item worn continuously wear and tear will occur. But we also got you covered with a tag warranty, scroll down.

Tags are waterproof and UV resistant for fun in the sun.

What comes with my tag? 

Each tag comes with a glow-in-the-dark ring (these quiet your tags and protects the edges from warping) and a split metal keyring for attaching to your pet's collar or harness. Our popular EZ Clips are also available as an upgrade. 

We also provide a surprise limited edition vinyl sticker with every order, our customers love collecting each one! 

Do you offer a warranty? 

We honestly want you to love your tags as much as we do, so if you're not happy we'll make it right or refund your purchase. We also offer a 1-time 90-day limited replacement warranty for accidental chewing incidents. 

Please see the tag warranty section here for more details.