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Why Choose Bad Tags?

Discover why our customers keep coming back for more! Our original classic graphic tags are available in a rainbow of colors and you can add up to 5 lines of identification to the backside. Made of lightweight aluminum metal with no stickers or vinyl lettering, these fun tags are waterproof and easy for pets to wear, including multiple tags! Customers love to swap out seasonal tags to add some personality & decoration to their pet's collar.

If your pet needs a more durable longer-lasting ID tag, our new enamel tag line will having you falling in love all over again. Our enamel tags are solid metal with permanent deep engraving that will never rub off.

How fast do you ship?

I used to apologize for not shipping as fast as Amazon and then I learned their employees have to pee in bottles. That's bananas. We ship quick and I allow my assistants full bathroom breaks. Give us a few days to make your tags and some more wiggle room around sales and holidays. We generally ship orders within 3-5 days. All orders ship out of our tag workshop located in Longmont, Colorado.

Why are they expensive?  

If you're asking yourself why our tags are more expensive than the cheap shit on Amazon, let me explain something to you. Our prices are carefully considered based on materials + labor + taxes + utilities + shipping supplies, etc. They are not mass produced poor quality items you see in the big box stores. We also pay our team members a fair living wage. My assistants don't have to pee in bottles. 

So when you support a small business like Bad Tags, you are helping real families pay their basic bills and not a CEO's second vacation home. 

How durable are your tags?

 Our pet tags are designed for daily use. We're dog parents and our pets wear them too! But also like to use common sense around here and common sense tells us with any item worn continuously wear and tear will occur. 

Both our original classic tags and the new enamel tag line are waterproof and UV resistant for fun in the sun. They will not rust or fade away. The new enamel tags are ultra strong with premium durability and chew proof technology. They are one of the most durable tags you can find.

Do you offer a warranty? 

We honestly want you to love your tags as much as we do, so if you're not happy we'll make it right or refund your purchase. Our original classic tags come with a 1-time 90-day free tag replacement warranty. I have yet to have someone claim damage on our new enamel tags. Yes, they're that durable!

For more details, please see the tag warranty section here.