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Upgrade your pet's ID game with our personalized QR code option! If you're tired of figuring out what to engrave on the back of your pet's ID tag or prefer to keep it low-key, this is your solution. Perfect for gifting a Bad Tag with a personal touch!


  1. We engrave a unique QR code on the backside of your tag.
  2. Simply scan the QR code with your phone's camera upon receiving to activate the tag.
  3. Follow a few easy registration steps to complete your pet's online profile.
  4. If your furry friend ever goes astray, anyone who finds them can scan the QR code to retrieve your contact information.


  • Comes with a free basic online profile, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Absolutely Free. No App or Subscription Fees! 
  • Secure data & privacy with our software partner Ping-Tag.
  • Edit your profile anytime, anywhere. Heading on vacation? Update your pet's info effortlessly.
  • Compatible Worldwide. Works seamlessly in any country.
  • Ideal for Gift Giving!


  • This is an add-on item; select your Bad Tag and do not add personalization instructions. Include this option in your cart and we'll pair the two together. If you have multiple tags, please leave an order note with instructions.
  • Large tags will have the displayed "scan if found" options in the drop down menu. Small tags will have a simple "Scan Me" at the top with the QR code below, due to a lack of space. 


For those who want a little extra, a premium upgrade is available through our partner Ping-Tag. This allows for a fully customizable online profile, featuring your pet's photo, multiple contacts, vet records, vaccination history, and a patent-pending GPS ping message alert if your pet is ever lost and safely found. Because peace of mind is priceless! The premium upgrade is offered when you activate your tag's QR code and is powered by our software partner Ping-Tag and is not associated with Bad Tags.