One Dog Tag Clip Accessory

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Elevate your pet's style while keeping things practical with our easy change o-ring dog tag clip! Created from lightweight alloy metals, it's the ultimate answer for hassle-free tag swapping between collars. Easy, stylish, and totally fuss-free! 

  • Colors include Gold, Silver, and Dark Gray
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Small (cats & small dogs 10lbs), the Medium/Large works for most breeds, and XL is available for Rotties, Dobermans, Great Danes and horses. 
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 Safety Warning: Dog Tag Clips - Using a dog tag clip may cause the tag to hang lower off the collar, posing a risk when dogs are unsupervised or kenneled. Please consider this before attaching a clip, especially if your pet spends time in a crate. Supervision is recommended to minimize accidents. 

Your pet's safety is paramount. If you have questions, reach out to us at



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