What Do I Put On My Pet ID Tag?

What Do I Put On My Pet ID Tag?

Nov 16th 2021

Even in our increasingly digitized world with microchipping, “smart” collars with GPS, and an app for everything, pet ID tags still play a crucial role in finding a lost pet and getting them returned back home safe and sound. They don’t require any network connection or WiFi to work, and anyone should be able to read and understand the information on the tag. They also provide a faster and more convenient way for those who’ve found your lost pet to contact you. But what kind of information should you have on your pet’s ID tag? At Bad Tags, we offer four lines of customizable text on the back of all our unique pet ID tags, so we get this question a lot. Our experience making the cutest pet ID tags you can find anywhere, coupled with the love we have for our own fur babies, has given us the expertise necessary to give you a trustworthy answer.

So, what should you always have on your pet’s ID tag? Obviously, you can only fit so much, but here are the essentials:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Address
  • Microchip number
  • Special needs (if any)

Name, number, and address should be self-explanatory. Putting your pet’s microchip number on their tag will tell the person who finds them that your pet is microchipped and gives them a way to find out additional information if they are unable to contact you for some reason. Putting any special needs your pet may have will also help that person know how to best take care of your pet while they’re in that person’s care.

In addition to the crucial information mentioned above, there are two other bits of information that people are commonly asking to be put on their pet’s ID tag – their email and the pet’s social media. Both are additional ways for someone to get in contact with you about your pet’s whereabouts, but email is far more practical. Adding the social media account(s) you have for a pet is also a way to advertise it to others you and your dog meet together if you’re hoping to make your pet Instafamous. While we aren’t against these ideas, we generally recommend you put the information on the tag that you will respond to. So, if you respond best to email rather than phone calls, adding email would be fair.

Pet ID tags are essential, and your pet should be wearing them at all times, so why get them something bland? At Bad Tags, we take pride in coming up with the cutest graphics and funniest phrases to put so your pet can stand out from the pack and their tag can be as unique as they are. We aren’t just all about aesthetics though – every tag is made from high quality recycled aluminum and can stand up to all you and your pet’s adventures. Shop our selection of pet ID tags today!