New Small Cat Enamel Tags from Bad Tags

New Small Cat Enamel Tags from Bad Tags

Feb 4th 2022

Bad Tags, the maker of some of the most unique and creative pet ID tags animal lovers can find for their furry companions anywhere, is excited to announce a brand-new line of small cat tags made from enamel. Like their other animal tags, these small cat enamel tags feature a variety of cute graphics and fun sayings so cat owners can get their kitty some cat pet tags that match their personality. Each is made out of a highly durable enamel so they can stand up to all the play and adventuring a kitty could get up to, indoors or out.

This new line of small cat tags features an array of cat-themed sayings like “Call My Mom Right Meow” along with some of our more popular designs like “I’m Not Fat I’m Fluffy” and “Sweet but Psycho.” To make them even more unique, most tags will have a unique shape, and every tag comes with engraving for up to 4 lines of text.

We guarantee that these new cat pet tags are better than the generic tags you’d find at the big box stores in every way. Not only are they far cuter, more durable, and more expressive than the bland tags from other retailers, but Bad Tags offer the kind of care and attention you can only get from a small business!

Bad Tags is a pet ID tag company owned and operated by pet lovers who care about their animals, the environment, and their employees. A portion of all proceeds are donated to a variety of rescues and charity organizations, tags are made with recycled materials, and all employees are paid a fair, living wage. The company cares about its work and giving other pet owners uniquely stylish ID tags for the furry members of their family, not profits.

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