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Thanksgiving Dog Tags

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Get your Pet Ready for Thanksgiving

The holidays are here are it’s time your pet joined in on the holiday fun! Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years we have customizable holiday themed pet tags to match and let your pet celebrate with you. If you’re anything like us at Bad Tags, you treat your pet as family, so why not swap out their tag for a Thanksgiving appropriate one as well? With the Thanksgiving pet tag collection from Bad Tags, you can! Thanksgiving is a great time of family, friends, and food so don’t let your pet miss out.  

Pet Tags – Still Important Today

In our increasingly digital world things microchipping and smart collars have made pet tags seem almost irrelevant, but they are actually still one of the best ways to find a pet who has gotten lost. Technology always seems to have a funny way of never working when you need it to, so don’t prolong the trauma that comes with losing a pet, a pet tags, even a fun Thanksgiving one, is a must. Every custom pet ID tag for sale from Bad Tags like these in the Thanksgiving and holiday dog tag collection will give you the confidence that your pet can easily be identified and come with a festive bonus.

What sets Bad Tags Apart From Others

Unlike the poorly made and cheap tags you’d find on Amazon, all the tags in our Thanksgiving pet tag collection are handmade with care by a real human. Instead of cheap metal or plastic, Bad Tags uses recycled materials, so all our pet tags are eco-friendly and durable. Like our other collections, all the Thanksgiving and holiday dog tags come with up to 5 lines of engravable text for a custom message. And on top of that, at Bad Tags we’re pet lovers ourselves so you can trust you’re getting a product made by pet lovers rather than one from someone just trying to turn a profit. Shop with us today!