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Dog Tag Accessories Collection

To keep easily switch between your dog’s different ID tags from the annoyance of the noise their ID tags makes, you may need certain dog tag accessories. To prevent pinched fingers and broken nails from clipping your dog’s new pet ID tag from Bad Tags, check out our EZ Dog Tag Clip Accessory. It’s stylish, functional, and the perfect solution to the trouble many face when trying to take off their pet’s ID tag or clip a new one on. All you have to do is wrangle your dog and get them to stay still for a second – good luck! The clip is made out of high-quality rust-free solid nickel, compatible with both our Signature and Mini tags, and doesn’t require any split metal keyrings to connect. After you’ve put your pet’s tag on, you likely don’t want to hear it jingling around all the time, and that’s what our Replacement Pet ID Tag Silencer Rings are for. While all our tags come with a silencer, it may get dirty depending on the kinds of adventures you and your pup get up to, but with our replacement silencer, you won’t have to buy a whole new tag when this happens.

Why Dog Tags & Accessories Are Important

We all love our pets, but if you’re anything like us at Bad Tags, then you consider them a cherished member of your family too. And just with any member of the family, losing them can be a traumatic experience. Obviously, all good dog moms and dads do all they can to prevent this from happening, but there are just some things you can’t control which can lead to a lost pet. While things like microchipping and so-called “smart” collars are promising technological advances, the classic pet ID tag is still the best way to get a lost pet found and returned home safely. You also get an added style bonus with pet ID tags and can swap them out whenever!

Why Choose Bad Tags?

So, what makes Bad Tags different from all the other pet ID tag companies out there? For starters, all our tags are high quality, waterproof, and UV resistant, so they won’t fade in the sun or rust. Additionally, each is made with a recycled aluminum material, so the planet loves them just as much as you do! We’re also a small business providing respectful work with living wages to all our employees, so when you buy dog tag accessories from Bad Tags, you’re supporting real families rather than paying for a CEO’s vacation homes. Because we care so much about our employees, we’re able to offer unmatched customer service.