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Enamel Cat ID Tags Collection

Whether you have indoor cats or outdoor cats, it’s still a good idea to get cat ID tags for your furry little companions in case they get lost. But you don’t want just any ID tags for your cat, you want something that will showcase their unique personality and attitude. With cat ID tags from Bad Tags, you can do just that! And our wide selection of funny cat tags means you can update your cat’s look with a little humor whenever you want! Like any piece of jewelry, these cat ID tags can help express your cat’s personality and give them a style that matches. Unlike our other collections, these small enamel cat ID tags are made just for cats, so you’ll be sure to find a few that would be perfect additions to your kitty’s collar.

Does My Cat Really Need a Tag?

Cat ID tags are more than just a stylish accessory to your cat’s collar – they also can help them get returned safely to you if they ever get lost. Although things like smart collars that allow you to track your pet’s location with GPS can come in handy, pet ID tags are still the most trustworthy way to find a pet because they don’t require a network connection and can be easily understood by anyone who finds them.

Why Shop with Bad Tags

At Bad Tags, we’re passionate about making fun, creative, and high quality pet ID tags for fellow pet lovers. Our tags are unique and durable, everything the cat ID tags at the big box stores are not. Every one of our funny cat tags is custom made from enamel, making them a long-lasting investment. We didn’t want to sacrifice style to achieve this durability, so we worked hard to ensure each tag has a fetching shine that’ll ensure your kitty stands out! The passion we have makes us stand out from other retailers and is why we’re able to provide such great customer service. Shop our selection of funny cat tags today and see what makes Bad Tags so different!