Schitt’s Creek Tag Collection

Premiering in 2015, Schitt’s Creek has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix. Thousands of fans enjoy the sitcom about the Rose family adjusting to life in the small town after finding themselves completely broke, and we’re sure many have binged the show with their pets right next to them like us. That’s what inspired us to make these Schitt’s Creek Dog Tags so fans of the show can make their pets a fan too. These funny pet ID tags feature all the most iconic quotes from the show – “Ew, David!” “I was giving them a little pup talk,” “I like wine, not the label,” and more. You won’t find better Schitt’s Creek Dog Tags anywhere else, so shop our collection today and find the best ones for your pets!

Why ID Tags are Important – Even Funny Ones!

Obviously, these funny pet ID tags will get compliments from fellow Schitt’s Creek fans you encounter in public, but that’s not the only benefit. Despite advances in technology that have led to things like smart collars that have GPS tracking capabilities, classic pet tags like these are still among the best ways for a lost pet to be found and returned home safe and sound. If you’re binge-watching Netflix with your furry companion, there’s no doubt in our minds that you consider them to be a part of your family, and just like everyone else in your family, losing them is a traumatic experience. These Schitt’s Creek Dog Tags are still the most trustworthy way to find a lost pet and will give your pet some pop culture pizzazz as well.

Why Bad Tags?

Every one of our Schitt’s Creek Dog Tags is custom made by a pet lover just like you, and we use the highest quality of recycled aluminum material so our tags can stand up to everything you and your pet get up to, and all the trouble they may get into without you. In addition to the quality of our tags and creativeness, we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Order one of our funny pet ID tags today and see the Bad Tags difference!