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Enamel Dog Tags

All of our best-selling tags are now available in our enamel dog tags line! These enamel dog tags are extremely high-quality and durable, able to stand up to whatever adventures your pet has with you. The enamel provides extra durability as well, making the tags a solid, long-lasting investment. Whether you’re looking for enamel pet ID tags for dogs or enamel pet ID tags for cats, Bad Tags has you covered. Additionally, our selection of enamel tags are ever-expanding so check back to see when more of our most popular sayings have been added! 

Why Enamel Pet ID Tags are Important

For most people their pets aren’t just pets – they’re treasured members of the family. Thus, as with any member of the family, losing them can be a traumatic experience and you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure they’re safe. There are a variety of dangers in the world for our pets – cars and wild animals both pose a large threat – but unfortunately our canine and feline friends can’t call or text us when they’re lost and in danger (yet). While the modern world has given us advances in the ability to keep an eye on and track our pets, ID tags are still the most dependable way to find a lost pet.

Why Bad Tags?

If you need a tag that is durable and long lasting but hate the generic tags found at the big box stores, our enamel dog tag line was made just for you! These one-of-a-kind metal dog tags will make your dog or cat stand out from the pack and you can be rest assured they are ID’ed with the 4 lines of engraved identification that is included on the backside. Our passion to make unique tags and provide excellent customer service sets us apart from other retailers. Shop our selection of enamel dog tags today and see the Bad Tag difference in quality and customer service!