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Gold Dog ID Tags

Your dog’s unique personality is just one of the reasons why they take up so much room in your heart, so why would you get them just any old ID tag? Their tag should match their personality and be just as fun, goofy, and one-of-a-kind as they are. When you shop with Bad Tags and get a gold dog ID tag, you can ensure that their tags are the perfect complement to their personality. We’ve given every gold dog ID tag a fun saying and cute design that you’ll love, and their high-quality design means they can stand up to all the adventures you and your furry companion get up to. A gold pet tag from Bad Tags will last a lifetime and should get your and your pet plenty of compliments every time they wear it out!

Why Pet ID Tags are Important

As a dog owner, you never want your best friend to get lost, but it’s something you should prepare yourself for. While it may be an inevitability of dog ownership, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and prevent it and mitigate the risks. A pet ID tag is still one of the best ways for a lost pet to be found and identified and for you to be alerted. With up to 5 lines of engravable text on the back, a gold pet tag from Bad Tags is both extremely stylish and functional.

Why Bad Tags?

There are a lot of things that make a gold dog ID tag different from any other pet tag you’ve purchased. Aside from the cute sayings and whimsical designs on each tag, we also create each one by hand with gold plated solid recycled metal to ensure quality. We never use stickers, decals, plastics, or resins, so our tags are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Order a gold pet tag from us today, and you’ll see the difference!