Halloween Dog Tag Collection

Fall is upon us, which means leaves, pumpkins, pumpkin patches, pumpkin spiced lattes, hayrides, spookiness, and…Halloween! If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely already planned out your pet’s costume before yours – or maybe you’re coordinating costumes together and going as a cute pair – and are looking for any accessories to get your pet festive for the spooky season. In doing this, we noticed there was a significant lack of spooky, Halloween themed pet tags so we set out to create our own and thus Bad Tags’ Halloween dog tag collection was born! We’ve created an exclusive, limited time line of spooky season pet tags like “Cute but Creepy” , “Don't Scare Me I Pee Easily”, and  “Certified Candy Inspector” so your pet can be just as festive as you are all spooky season long – shop our selection today before they’re all gone!

The Importance of Pet ID Tags – Even Halloween Ones

Although there have been impressive advances in microchipping and pet tracking technology as of late, a physical dog tag is still the best way to find a lost pet. Since you’re shopping with us, you likely treat your pet as a cherished member of the family and like us you want to do whatever you can to keep them safe and prevent them from getting in harm’s way. Losing a pet is an awful experience and the human made world presents a lot of danger for our furry friends so if your pet ever gets lost you want to ensure they can be easily found. With our new Halloween dog tag collection, you’re not only making it easy to find your pet if you go through this unfortunate experience but keeping them looking stylish and festive as well. 

Why Bad Tags?

Our one-of-a-kind Halloween pet tags are handmade by a real human with quality materials, making them much more durable than any cheap, generic tag you may find at the big box stores or Amazon. Additionally, our unique tags come with up to 5 lines of engravable text on the back side. The combination of excellent service we’re able to provide and our employee’s passion for making special pet ID tags can’t be found anywhere else. Shop our Halloween dog tag collection today and you’ll see the Bad Tag difference in quality and customer service.