Cute but Psycho Pet ID Tag

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Let your furry sidekick spill the beans with this funny dog tag! Front and center, it boasts the motto "Cute but Psycho" for a guaranteed chuckle. With its tough metal core and shiny chrome finish, this pet ID tag not only brings the laughs but also rocks some serious durability and style. Your pet's gonna love it, and you'll dig how it adds a touch of humor and flair to their collar. 


  • Durable & Waterproof 
  • High Quality Enamel Metal
  • Customizable Laser Engraving
  • Ships from Colorado within 3-5 Days 


  • Small 1" size for cats & small dogs
  • Large 1.25" size for medium/large dogs

Laser Engraving

  • Engrave 1-5 lines on the backside
  • For best legibility 15 characters per line
  • Letters, numbers, & spaces all combine as a character

Pro Tip: large tags can fit a funny message, but small tags are too tiny. For the small tags, we recommend just the basics to make it easy to read.

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