Here at Bad Tags we strive to provide you with a super fun, totally unique pet tag that matches your pup's personality. Using only the highest quality materials and the funniest original sayings, our tags are sure to be a hit! We're a small 2 sister business located near Denver, Colorado.


How fast do you ship?

Tags are custom made to order. It's our goal is to ship your tags within a week of purchase (3-5 business days). During the holidays or big sales events, this may extend a few extra days. 


What colors are available?

Tags are available in a rainbow of 20+ bright and colorful options. When you select a color from the drop down menu, you'll see a preview of the tag which is how it will look in real life. 


How durable are your tags?

 We use only the highest quality materials available and strive to provide you with both a stylish and durable pet tag. However, please keep in mind tags are not indestructible and they are not chew proof. If your pet is a tag chewer, it's recommended you move the tag to a harness or a collar reserved for special occasions.


 What sizes are available? 

Our tags are available in two sizes for both dogs and cats!

The signature size tag measures 1.25 inches across in diameter and is our best selling and most popular size for dogs. It's approximately a little larger than a US quarter. The mini tag is super small and measures 7/8 inches across in diameter and is recommended for cats or small dogs under 10lbs. It's approximately the size of a US penny.  


Do you offer tag silencers?

Absolutely. All tags come with a silicone tag silencer at not extra cost. These rings protect your tag's finish, they glow in the dark and reduce tag noise. We also have replacement rings available for when it's time to make your tags look brand new again!


Are tags double sided?

You betcha. We can add approximately 4 lines of contact information to the backside of the tags. For the best legibility, we recommend only 15 characters per line and this includes spaces and punctuation.

If you exceed the 15 character per line recommendation your text size & legibility will be reduced. 

All information is centered on the backside of the tag. It's not automated, we make sure everything looks absolutely perfect before shipping your tags!