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Looking for something unique and extra special for your pet? Create your own one-of-a-kind custom dog tag!

*Please read through all the full description on how to order*


1. FRONTSIDE: What does your pet want to say? This is for the frontside of the tag. No pictures, logos, or other companies trademarks are accepted. You can also do a pet's name or nickname with a patterned background. Accent hearts, paws, etc are allowed too! 

2. STYLE: How do you want your tag to look? Masculine and Bold? Block Letters? Girly with script fonts? Handwritten fonts? A a mix of different styles? Let us know in the "style instructions" text box. If you don't know, that's okay too! We love getting creative. 

3. BACKSIDE: Who to call? We recommend adding contact information to the backside of your tag to keep your fur baby safe. We can add 5 lines, about 15 characters per line (that includes punctuation & spaces). We can also put the same design on the frontside as the back so you have a double sided charm!


  • Signature Tag: measures 1.25 inches wide and is a little bigger than a quarter. It's our most popular option!
  • Endurance Tag: recommended for rough and tumble dogs. Won't bend or break. Same size as our signature tag but twice as thick. 
  • Mini Tag: super tiny tag (dime size) for cats and little dogs. 


We are taking extra time to create you with a custom one-of-a-kind design that nobody else will have. We also communicate and ensure everything is perfect prior to shipment. Customers have said receiving a Bad Tag in the mail is like receiving a gift. We promise you won't be disappointed! 


Within a week of purchase, you'll receive an email with a digital rough draft. At that time you are allowed up to 3 rounds of edits. We will work with your to ensure you love how it turned out!


We reserve the right to refuse any order with a saying we deem inappropriate or goes against our values (racial, abusive, etc). We will not use copyrighted or trademarked artwork from other companies which includes avatars, logos, or characters, etc. We will also not engage in political themed tags.

Questions? Please fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


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