Hi, I’m Cristen and the maker of Bad Tags.  

If you’ve ever been bored with the big box selection of tags or wanted a tag as unique as your pet, then you’ve come to the right place. I created Bad Tags just for you!  

As a dog mom to 4, I wanted my pups to have tags that expressed their unique personalities. I also wanted tags to match their ever changing wardrobe of collars. Unable to find anything like this, I set out to design and create my own line of pet tags in 2014.  

One of my first tags was for my bulldog Moose, who literally couldn't stop licking. He liked toes, elbows, the cat. His first tag read "Can't Control My Licker". He inspired the majority of our early tags. 

I left my professional nursing career in 2016 to run Bad Tags full time. Each and every tag ordered is created by me with the utmost care and attention to detail. In 2018 I hired my younger sister, Sarah, to join the team. Sarah manages packaging and shipping and is the VP of misc everything. So when you purchase from Bad Tags, know you are supporting two small families and not a CEO's second vacation home. 

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