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Alien Dog Tags Collection

We all try and involve our dogs in our favorite hobbies, and for some of you, that may be a fascination with space and all things sci-fi! Whether that’s stargazing and enjoying all that the night sky has to offer or simply laying back on the couch and binging sci-fi movies together, we think your pup should have an ID tag to match the occasion. Above you’ll find our selection space dog and pet tags perfect for the pets of any sci-fi lover out there!

Still the Best Way to Find a Lost Pet

We all love our pets, but for some of us, that love is so strong that we consider them a member of the family and want to do all we can to keep them out of harm’s way and prevent them from becoming lost. At Bad Tags we certainly do, and because you’re shopping with us, we think you do too! Obviously, all great dog moms and dads like you do everything in their power to keep their fur babies from getting lost, but there will always be those things you can’t control that may lead to a lost pet. This is what makes pet ID tags so important even in today’s digital age with things like “smart” collars and microchipping. ID tags don’t require any network connection or WiFi to work properly, and they can be easily read and identified by anyone. And with our alien dog tags, your pet will be stylish as well!

Why Shop at Bad Tags?

So, aside from all the cute sayings and fun graphics on our space dog and pet tags, what makes Bad Tags different? For starters, our alien dog tags are nothing like the cheap garbage you’d find on Amazon because our tags are UV resistant and waterproof, so they won’t fade or rust. We also use high-quality recycled aluminum because we care about our businesses' impact on the environment. Here at Bad Tags, care about our employees and pay them a living wage. We don’t make them work in horrible conditions or force them to pee in bottles. When you buy alien dog tags from Bad Tags, you’re not giving your money to a CEO to pay for their next vacation home, you’re helping real American families like yours pay their bills.