Tag Care + Warranty

 Happiness Guaranteed

We want you to love our tags, so if you're not happy for any reason we'll make it right, or refund your purchase! For a refund eligibility, tags will be required to be returned within 30 days of purchase. The customer will be required to cover the cost of shipping of their returned item.  

Tag Care

Tags can be washed with soap, water, and using a soft toothbrush or dishrag to remove grim. 

The rings around the tag can also be removed and washed. We recommended keeping rings on your tag to prevent edge warping and other wear and tear. Their purpose is to protect your tag!

We offer replacement rings for $1.00 when it's time for tags to look new again. These can be found by clicking here. 

Tags are not chew proof. If this is the first time your pet has ever worn a tag, please supervise to ensure they don't  try to eat it first. Smaller key-rings and moving tags to harnesses also prevent chewing mistakes. 

Never leave your pet unattended with a collar around their neck and a hanging tag. 

Tag Warranty 

We offer a 1-time replacement with proof of purchase for new tags that have been accidentally chewed up within 90 days of purchase. The customer is required to cover the new shipping charges.

We do not replace tags that have wear and tear as this is an expected outcome of routine continuous wearing (unless it falls within the 90 day period). We also do not replace tags that pets have lost. 

How to Claim

 Email your order number or proof of purchase with pictures to for verification. You will then receive further instructions on how to claim the replacement tag. 

Warranty Policy

1. This replacement warranty is meant to cover newly damaged tags due to pets chewing on them and not due to normal wear and tear after 90 days.

2. Eligible tags will be replaced one-time only up to 90 days from their original purchase date. If more than 90 days have passed you will be provided with a discount code instead. 

3. Bad Tags is not responsible for lost tags. If your pet loses their tag, the customer will be required to purchase a replacement tag. 

4. Customers will be required to cover shipping charges on the new tag.

Please use Common Sense

Wear and tear is expected with any item worn for an extended time. If you wore the same tee-shirt every single day for all your activities, the shirt would become dirty and eventually holes would appear. So it is expected to have wear and tear on any tag if your pet wears the same one every single day. This is true with any pet tag on the market. We are not aware of any indestructible tag.