Corona Virus

Hi everyone! It's Cristen, your chief barking officer here at Bad Tags....

If you're like me, our world has turned inside out. As a small business owner, this pandemic provokes a lot of fear and anxiety for my homegrown business. However, my mom always told me to look for the helpers during a crisis. So how are we helping? 

This is what we’re doing: 

— Bad Tags is open and we will continue to ship orders. Since we're an online store, we will continue making all your favorite tags! 

— All the tag production takes place in my studio. Work surfaces are sanitized before and after production; hand washing is strictly enforced. The doggos are supervising all hygiene measures with lots of puppy kisses and little wiggle butts. The USPS is picking up packages directly from my work studio. 

— We are a very small 3-person team here in Colorado. My two assistants, Jessica & Kim, both work from home. 

— We have designated Longmont Humane Society (our local shelter) as our rescue new recipient as they had to cancel their biggest fundraiser of the year. We’ll be donating up to 20% of our sales through the end of this month.

How You Can Help:  

Small businesses need YOUR support. Even if you don't have the money to place an order (we totally understand if you don't), there are so many other ways to support us: 

— Like, comment, and/or share our posts. Engaging with business online boots their visibility in the feeds, so more people are exposed to their content. 

— Write a product review. Small businesses thrive on word of mouth and you don't even need to be a poet! Keep it simple, what did you love? 

— Give a shoutout to your favorite makers! 

I believe we will get through this. If you have any questions or concerns please know that you can always email us at 

Please everyone, #stayhome & be safe. We love you!

Hugs & Wags,